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Jason Cole is a traditionally trained illustrator known for working in the fantasy genre.  His work is built around strong draftsmanship and carries on the traditions of narrative illustration as established by Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth.  He can work with gouache, acrylics, and oils just as easily as with Painter and Photoshop.  As a concept artist he specializes in character development and cultural flow.  Jason began his study of illustration at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco in the Fall of 1995.  Two years later and on a double scholarship, he transferred to the College for Creative Studies, Detroit.  There he received his BFA in December, 1999.  In 2005 Jason was one of sixteen students in the inaugural class of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s MA in Illustration. He received his MA in Illustration in May 2008.  These days Jason and his wife Emy live in Central Wisconsin with their two boys.  Their family is completed by two Pekingese, Zion and Chai.