Tough on Terrorists-Demo

I now teach Conceptual Illustration at the Illinois Art Institute of Chicago.  I wanted to get a quick assessment of my students abilities to both conceptualize and craft imagery.  I thought the  C F Payne technique was a great place to start.  I gave them a self portrait assignment with the objective of creating a profile image that reflects the kind of work that they want to be getting yet also still remaining representation enough that some one meeting them outside of the digital world for the first time would be able to associate the image with them.  I showed them my self portrait from the previous demo and explained that it is a tribute to my illustration roots-Leyendecker, Rockwell, and the Saturday Evening Post.  So, to demostrate the C F Payne technique I did the following demo-not even realizing that we were approaching the anniversary of the historical day the Osama Bin Laden was brought to justice:

Acrylic WashesWater Color Washes


Due to the nature of demoing at campus and working at home, I misses the Oil Wash scan.  It still happened and is an important step in the image making process, but we are going to jump to…

Acrylics over CF Payne Under Painting

Now, I really liked where this image had gotten to and thought I could use it as some kind of back door campaigning for a President that I think has been doing a great job even with a toxic Congress (if you disagree with me taking a political side that’s fine-love me for my fantasy work, disagree with me for supporting working class Americans).  I felt the font wasn’t selling the image as strongly as it could, so I reached out to Type guru, got some great feed back, and worked some Photoshop vodoo…

Final Image