July 2010


Sorry for the delay in getting fresh content on the site.  My web designer got busy with life and I have been teaching myself WordPress.  CSS is foreign to me-I am not ashamed to admit that I was an HTML frame monkey.  I loved frames.  

The big news of the year is that I am now a father.  So even though I say my web designer’s life got busy, I would put money on mine being a bit busier.  What this means for my art is that I am offering digital or acrylic services at this time.  I want my son to get a bit bigger before I pull the oils out again.  Or, your project has to be big enough for me to budget an offsite studio for the time it takes me to work on it.  It also means I won’t be exhibiting at GenCon this year.  However, I will be in Artist Alley at Wizard World Chicago which is Aug 19-22. 

Thanks for your patience, 

Jason Cole